Saturday, September 12, 2009

4-5 weeks and Connor

More sweet pictures of the girls and Connor wrapped in his alien towel after a bubble bath, his favorite!

Connor's Kitchen

The girls are so cute when you lay them next to each other. They love to play and hold hands and move themselves around. Here are some pictures of them interacting.

3 weeks old

The Leonard Family

The girls are 3 weeks old

Finally found time to blog...

Well, things have been busy around the Leonard household that is for sure. Connor ended up with an ear infection, pink eye, and a cold. Riley proceeded to catch Connor's cold and was really times suctioning out her nose....let me tell you she loved it...not! She seems to be doing better with the stuffiness. Both girls have lots of issues with gas, so they are now on sensitive formula to see if it helps. The girls are now 5 weeks old and are very alert. Both girls are smiling and are awake for several hours during the day and unfortunately the night too. They can sometimes make it 4 hours between feedings, mostly 3, but I'll take it. Each week seems to get better and we learn new things about the girls. It's amazing that they are twins, but so totally different. Regan is more laid back and Riley is what John and I refer to as our "diva". Regan can hold her head up and has total control, we're still working on it with Riley. They're growing so fast and time sure does fly.

Connor is adjusting well to the new additions and loves to "help" out with them. The most amazing thing is he can tell them apart. He is definitely 2 and has his moments. He loves bubble baths and being outside. We bought him a kitchen and he makes us food and hot coffee. It is really cute.

Hopefully I'll find more time to keep everyone updated. Right now catching up on sleep is my priority as it is much needed. My mom came to visit and she said, it never stops now I understand what you mean when you say you are always busy. Ha! The story of my life, but I'm enjoying every minute of it and wouldn't change it for a second. We're so blessed to have such beautiful children and a loving family!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009